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We are registered distributor of European air filter company Delta filtration and maintain complete stock  of synthetic fibre rolls pre filters and bag filter and other related products.

Synthetic Fibre Pleated Cell Filters

Synthetic fibre media filters comprise of non-woven, reinforced cotton/poly fabric with a metal frame. The radical v pleat design guarantees maximum dust holding capacity. These filters are available in G2,G3,G4 efficeiency.

Pleated filters:

G4 pleated filters comprise of non-woven, reinforced cotton/poly fabric with a moisture resistant cardboard frame.The ‘radical V’ pleat design guarantees maximum dust holding capacity. Extended Surface Disposable filters media support is an”Expanded diamond” grid with 98% opens area.

Aluminium Mesh filters

The comprehensive range of Aluminium Mesh Filters offered by us is fabricated using multiple layers of woven Aluminium wire mesh. These are further formed and welded into self-supporting filter elements as per the application requirements. Moreover, these Filters are available in different grades, which are capable of filtering particles from several microns.

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Clean and renewable by water
  • Multiple layers media with stainless steel wire mesh
  • Suitable for use in very difficult operating conditions
  • High velocity and low pressure loss
  • Eliminator for oil and water mists

Performance Data

Synthetic fibre rolls

Pre filter rolls are constructed using a polyester media. The pre filter rolls have a classification of cen-en779 G & F. These rolls are available in G2,G3, and G4 grades.

Activated Carbon (Charcoal) Filters

Activated carbon has special properties that allow it to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, and other gaseous pollutants from the air. It accomplishes this in a way that is different from other air purifiers like HEPA that only filter particle pollution from the air. Carbon air filters trap gas molecules on a bed of charcoal, a process that has a surprisingly colorful history. Here you will dive deep into how they work. Then you can consider if using a carbon air filter will meet your needs by examining its advantages and drawbacks.

Hi Flow Bag Filters

Filter media comprises of micro-fibrous filter media with a pre-filter layer manufactured from 100% Melt blown polypropylene, externally coated with a high lining . Pockets are ultrasonically welded 6 Internal rows of separators to ensure even air flow distribution and low pressure drop. Incorporating Nano fibre technology to produce submicron fibre Every single bag is balanced in order to obtain low pressure drop. Each bag has its own support bracket and their external frame is of galvanized steel 24(ga),joints maintain Each single bag within the external perimeter frame.These filters are available in F6,F7,F8,F9 effeciency.

  • Dual layer synthetic fiber media
  • High efficiency EN779 F6, F7, F8 and F9
  • Valuable for very high flow capacity
  • Rigid construction for GI steel frame
  • Easy installation of light weight

Performance Data:

V Type Bag (Rigid) Filter

Barrier filter used to place where large amount of air volume exists,such as gasturbine.Its consisting makes process of
more air flow possible compared to conventional type.

  • Very high capacity medium filter
  • Extended surface area with minipack
  • Gas turbine intake air filter
  • V-Bank shape of rigid plastic
  • Efficiency EN779 F6, F7 and F8

Performance Data:

Hepa Filters

HEPA Filters are now used in a wide range of applications including; Medical/Biological HEPA Filtration in clinics hospitals and research facilities, Commercial/Industrial HEPA Filtration in manufacturing and clean room facilities, and also Residential HEPA filtration for control of allergens. This HEPA Filter Guide explains the different types of HEPA filter available, and will help you understand how to choose the best HEPA filter for your particular application.
These filters are available in H-10,H-11,H12,H-13

Deep Pleat Hepa Filters

Box type deep Pleated hepa filter is one of the most general filters. Wooden or GI is used for precise frame structure, and high dust holding capacity and long life lasting.

  • Designed for heavy duty construction of box type
  • High capacity and low pressure loss
  • Water proof fine glass fiber media
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Resistible to high humidity
  • 3 kinds of frame available : Wooden, GI and Al.
  • Efficiency EN779 : F6, F7 and F8

Performance Data

High Flow Hepa Filters

Passing more larger airflow with the same volume as Conventional HEPA filter and could be used to cleanroom as well as HVAC

  • V-bank shape of high flow capacity Hepa filter
  • Water proof glass fiber media
  • High efficiency 99.97% (H12) and 99.99% (H13) on 0.3
  • Self extinguishing urethane resin
  • Very strong construction
  • Neoprene or EPDM rubber gasket
  • Packed to vinyl bag individually
  • Recommended final Pressure loss 50mmAq

Performane Data

Mini Pleat Hepa Filters

Mini pleat hepa filters are used in clean rooms with low turbulece these Filters elements have a low pressure drop, media is of Glass fibre paper Folded with constantly calibrated spacing using thermoplastic threads.
Freme extruded anodized aluminium. Protection sreens are composed of aluminium coated mesh with episodic white painting. Polyurethrane resin guarantees the seal between the filter pack and the frame.These filters are available in F6 to H-14 grads.

  • Waterproof micro glass fiber
  • High eff. 99.97% (&99.99%) on 0.3
  • Minipleat media construction with hot melt spacer
  • Rigid frame construction with extruded Aluminium
  • Powder coated metal face guard
  • Leak free construction by individual testing
  • Individually packed with vinyl bag

Performance Data

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