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Mini Pleat Hepa Filters

Mini pleat hepa filters are used in clean rooms with low turbulece these Filters elements have a low pressure drop, media is of Glass fibre paper Folded with constantly calibrated spacing using thermoplastic threads.Freme extruded anodized aluminium. Protection sreens are composed of aluminium coated mesh with episodic white painting. Polyurethrane resin guarantees the seal between the filter pack and the frame.These filters are available in F6 to H-14 grads.

  • Waterproof micro glass fiber
  • High eff. 99.97% (&99.99%) on 0.3
  • Minipleat media construction with hot melt spacer
  • Rigid frame construction with extruded Aluminium
  • Powder coated metal face guard
  • Leak free construction by individual testing
  • Individually packed with vinyl bag

Performance Data